Funeral, DURE ACTUATION for PSD and "SINDIC CARDS". "PSD board reduced 20,000 jobs in education"

"The PSD government has eliminated 20,000 jobs in total education with the trade union mafia, the opposition is quiet, I have 306,677 jobs approved in 2010 and currently only have 286,726 jobs (including 30,000 jobs!) And 700 schools Yes, I transparently closed all educational ghettos that had to be closed because only schools were not, all politicians shouted with the loads full and all the bumps in Parliament, but when they are in power, they just jobs, they close schools and steal the children's books on the banks ", writes Funeriu in the Facebook post:

"That the pesedists hate the soul, idiots, thieves and liars already knew, but the opposition in the field of education they do? Some tactics, others make messianic congress symposia to which only 2-3 zombies thank their policies is "good to not be bad", most of them write syrups on facebook Oh, wait: when the summer schools of the "opposition" youth of the PSD come, but Mmm, but what do they hear? in meetings to young people teach: 1) the barking of the boss, 2) pulling the cords, 3) biting 4) the consequence of 3. And about Romania Trained, I expect that at the beginning of the school year I hope that there is something for her and the opposition a lifeline, although the only viable strategy is in a sense: we have to return to the original version of Law 1/2011, "writes Funeriu on his Facebook account.

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