Gabriela Firea asks for the resignation of Carmen Dan

Gabriela Firea asks for the resignation of Carmen Dan. Mayor General of Bucharest requested the resignation of the Minister of the Interior. On Saturday, Carmen Dan resigned from the PSD National Executive Committee. Important decisions for PSD will follow today. After the meetings of the Executive Committee there will be a conclusion for Liviu Dragnea.

He will find out if he has succeeded in reconciling the opponents of the party after everyone has asked him to take a step back. Unfortunately for Carmen Dan she is the second time she is asked to leave her job.

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Gabriela Firea asks for the resignation of Carmen Dan

The meeting of the National Executive Committee of PSD reached its peak. It seems that the meeting started with sparks, the mayor-general of the capital demanded the resignation of the Minister of the Interior. Gabriela Firea accused Carmen Dan of putting violence ahead and demanded her resignation as a result of the violence of the rally against the government of 10 August.
Liviu Dragnea is the political guardian of the Minister of the Interior, so there were some tensions between him and the mayor of the capital. It all started with the fact that the Minister of the Interior is still trying to pass on the legal responsibility for the violence on Victoriei Square to the prefect of Bucharest.

Prefect of the capital

The hope of Clişeru, the Prefect of Bucharest, was approached by a citizen. The past day it was on a terrace where a citizen approached her and asked her to go public and say that the PSD leader and the minister of the Interior are completely lying about the actions of the Gendarmerie. Hope Clişeru seemed innocent and asked the citizen to ask them what he wanted the people in question.
Hope Clişeru publicly stated that he had signed the force intervention order. This happened after midnight. The declarants are, however, very much in the attitude of the representatives of the Gendarmerie, but not of the Minister of the Interior. Hope Clişeru claimed the signing of the order around 8 pm. All this because the gendarmes had requested the evacuation of space for the government at 23.00 hours.
Unfortunately, there are other contradictions in the authorities' statements. Laurenţiu Cazan, the coordinator of the intervention of the gendarmes and the Minister of the Interior, claimed that Speranţa Clişeru was present at the diaspora rally. The Prefect of the capital stated that she was not present at Victoria Square, contrary to the two.

Resignation Carmen Dan

Gabriela Firea requested the resignation of the Minister of the Interior at the meeting of the Executive Committee. Unfortunately, this is not the only time she is asked to leave the place she occupies. This is the second time that an important PSD party leader has asked him to take the final step. Mihai Tudose even asked this in the beginning of the year in the context of the scandal with the pedophile policeman. After the scandal, Carmen Dan retained his place, but Mihai Tudose lost his job.

This is a Romanian senator elected in 2016. He is the Minister of Home Affairs in January 2017. The first time was a part of the Sorin Grindeanu government, then in the Mihai Tudose and Viorica Dăncilă governments. Prior to the political activity, Carmen Dan was secretary of the general school number 3 in Videle.


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