Hacker Guccifer will be extradited to the US after serving the sentence in Romania – Essential

The hacker Guccifer, who has broken the email accounts of the Bush family, is delivered by the United States after completing his sentence in Romania, so the Alba Iulia Court of Appeal decided on Monday. The statement is not final, according to Mediafax.

According to a press release sent by the Alba Iulia Court of Appeal on Monday, the court has accepted the request for extradition by the US authorities after Macel Lehel Lazar, named "Guccifer", will be released, sentenced to judges from Romania to 7 years in prison .

"Today, in the file known to the public as" extradition file of Guccifer ", the Alba Iulia Court of Appeal confirmed the extradition request formulated by the judicial authorities in the United States of America and ordered the extradition of the Romanian citizen LML with a view to the serving of a 52-month prison sentence, imposed by a criminal offense issued on 1 September 2016 by the US Court of Justice – Virginia County District – Alexandria Department, for committing violations of unauthorized access to a protected computer system and identity theft qualified form provided by the American penal code The court of appeal of Alula Iulia also ordered the postponement of the extradition of LML until the date of release under conditional release or until the execution of the sentence of 7 years imprisonment imposed by criminal conviction.1667 / 06.06.2014 of the Tribunal of Boekar est in Criminal Division No. 9344/3/2014. The decision of the Alba Iulia Court of Appeal is not final, with the right of appeal within 48 hours of the decision, "read the communiqué.

"Guccifer" was escorted from the US to Romania in October 2016.

The Romanian hacker was the one who revealed that Hillary Clinton used a personal e-mail account during his tenure as secretary of state and was sentenced to 52 months in prison by a court in Virginia, according to the Washington Post. Marcel Lehel Lazar, known under the pseudonym & # 39; Guccifer & # 39 ;, was extradited to the United States in 2014 and pleaded in May 2016 guilty of allegations of identity theft and unauthorized access to computers.

With the use of a personal e-mail account in the interest of the service for the duration of his tenure as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton violated the federal regulations on official correspondence. This was first revealed by Macel Lehel Lazar, sentenced to 4 years and 4 months in prison by Judge James C. Cacheris of Virginia.

Lazar admitted to have committed cyber attacks on about 100 Americans over a 14-month period. The attacks were also directed against celebrities, business leaders and political figures such as Sidney Blumenthal, an advisor with whom Clinton corresponded with his personal email account, the counselors of former President George W. Bush and former Foreign Secretary Colin L. Powell . After having accessed the e-mail accounts of victims and applying various tactics including fraud, identity theft and intimidation, Lazar would hand over the stolen media to the media.

In Romania, hacker Marcel Lazar Lehel was sentenced to seven years in prison in June 2014 for killing George Maior's email accounts, Corina Cretu and some of the stars.

In August 2017, the Romanian hacker Guccifer called from the Arad prison to the American television Fox News to publicly announce that he does not want to be returned to the US to serve another prison sentence and that he will demand the sentence to finish in Romania in America.

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