Harghita: One dead and three wounded after an accident at DN 13A – Essential

One man died and three others were injured on Friday after a road accident at DN 13A, in Harghita village Bisericani, according to Agerpres

According to the spokesman for the police inspection of the province (IPJ) Harghita, Gheorghe Filip, from the first investigation showed that the accident was caused by a 20-year-old from Bisericani. Although moved to Odorheiu Secuiesc, it did not adjust speed to road conditions, the road was wet, lost control and the frontal collision with a legally driven car opposite the 44-year-old driver, from Ungheni, Mures County

"The accident resulted in the death of the first driver, the serious injury of the so-called 69-year-old SO and the slight injury of the 43-year-old DO and the 12-year-old DR, in the second car," said the IPJ Harghita representative.

According to the same source police officers in this case carry out investigations for the commission of crimes of death and bodily injury

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