He died after the protests at Victory Square

The man died as a result of a higher digestive bleeding, according to doctors, a week after he participated in the rally in Victoria Square, informs b1.ro.

"I want to keep my reservations about the causes that led to the death of that man … At the moment we do not know 100% or he died because of the gas attack, but one thing leads us to this hypothesis, namely that the mistress had fallen like As a result of the gas action at Victoriei Square, with a beautiful nose and oral bleeding was taken to SMURD crews on August 10 after this bleeding, has returned a bit and decided to go home The next day he felt very sick and went to The hospital … Today I heard of the death of his government, until this hour the data I have, I felt it necessary to give this information in this unverified form at the early stage I was talking it is possible to try to cover up the case, given that the death took place in the hospital of Alexandria, "said Alexandru. Curious about B1 TV, the first journalist to write about the death of the man.

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