How an old man was sold guilty, from the hospital. An assistant took the credit with his bulletin

A 67-year-old man from the Botoşani village of Hlipiceni turned out to have been sold in hospital after being admitted. An assistant at the Botoşani Pneumophysiology Hospital, the sanitary unit where the man was hospitalized two years ago, illegally used his personal data to get credit from the CAR. A month ago, the old man was awakened at home by resigning people, with the advice that he had to pay more than 6,000 slate, that is, the amounts the nurse had not paid for.

Credit with the patient's bulletin

The 67-year-old Botosani was admitted twice to the Pneumophtisology Hospital. Last time at the end of 2016. At the hospital admission, one of the hospital nurses would use his old bulletin and personal details to get credit from the CAR. More precisely, he placed the villager in Hlipiceni without his will. A month ago the old man discovered that he was due to a CAR in Botoşani. A CV came to his house stating that he had to pay 6000 lei. Those are the rates that the assistant would not have paid.

The assistant runs the risk of imprisonment

Adrian Boghinciuc, the son of the old man, also noticed it. He tells Digi 24 that he immediately went to the hospital and confronted the nurse. That would have been recognized, confesses the man to the same TV station.

"I met her here at the door of the hospital, told me not to go to the hospital because he did not want to know what his colleagues had done, apologized for not being allowed to, that he was wrong "Confess the old man's son to Digi 24. At the same time, the management of the hospital also reported that the suspect was the head nurse in the hospital. Policemen say in turn that they are investigating the case and that the nurse is being investigated for forgery and counterfeiting. If it is proven that she is guilty, she risks four years in prison.

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