How does Dragnea want to escape the Dancila. delirium

If until the moment Liviu Dragnea & # 39; s performance in the living room of Antena 3 theoretically assumed that the gendarmerie's attack on the 10th demonstration was an accident, I currently have the absolute conviction that the gendarmerie's attack on such as the presence of turbulent groups on the market was very well intended not only to justify the intervention in force, but also to substantiate the position of the coup attempt.

All speeches from Dragnea on Antena 3 turned around, with the crosses of severity, around the attack of the gendarmerie that, in order to be certain that it would have been invented (paraphrasing a famous poetry), the government victim and even the comic book references referred to somewhere, such as the alleged assassination of Liviu Dragnea by a famous stranger & # 39 ;, we understand Soros, who only thought about Dragnea.

The gendarmes were announced that two of their colleagues were being killed in the market, which motivated their attack, and Liviu Dragnea now says that the parallel state on the market wanted to die. Dragnea, accused of ordering gas demonstrators, with children with everything, is about his physical elimination and attempted murder. Very interesting situation, I would say.

"They want to help their government through violence," said Liviu Dragnea, in what I doubt doubt the story on which the Dancila government will be changed. Yes, Liviu Dragna denies the intention to change the prime minister. But on the one hand he did that until the last moment with both Sorin Grindeanu and Mihai Tudose. On the other hand, he can not accept the change of the third prime minister, so explicitly the third mistake for the party and the electorate.

For Liviu Dragnea, Viorica Dancila must leave as a victim of Klaus Iohannis, who is accused of breaking the rules of democracy, and who is kept under the pressure of suspension, of whom he is clearly afraid, as he has already proved, only the & # 39; good policeman & # 39; defends, Calin Popescu Tariceanu.

We already see that there is much talk about the psychological resistance of the prime minister, the need for support. After all, he can get the violence and intimidation of his opponents in front of him, right?

Why would Liviu Dragnea want to change Viorica Dancila? In short, because he is desperate because he has passed on every word and gesture every Tuesday evening.

In general, the reasons would be more. On the one hand the PSD leader seems to have understood that Mrs Dancila's regrettable achievements at all levels are extremely politically expensive.

Firstly internally, where the brand PSD melts, to despair of members and supporters of this party and which largely share what Mrs Andronescu has said aloud – this is the most incompetent government that has had the PSD. The party has become the laughter of the world, which can be seen in polls.

And not just the Romanian world. The EU is shocked at the fact that Dancila, who does not know how Podgorica should be distinguished from Pristina, will be at the head of the EU table on 1 January. It does not shave, it is really frightening.

Another reason is that Mrs. Dancila finally understood that Dragnea plays her. It was not even difficult, not even between us. Political sources tell about the meetings in Scrovistea, the quadrangle that runs Romania: Dragnea- Olguta Vasilescu – Manda – Valcov, where Ms. Dancila was humiliated. And that's why, Mrs. Dancila, maybe he is no longer prepared to sign any accident, for example the GEO for grace and amnesty.

On the other hand Liviu Dragnea also needs a relief from anti-PSD craze so clearly crystallized in the words of Swedish plates and aggravated by what happened on 10 August. That is, throwing the crowd in a head to devour it, feeling satisfied. The truth is that every prime minister would come after Mrs. Dancila would be a genius.

It would be a relaxation, but no one takes Mrs. Dancila seriously, no one thinks she has a minimum of autonomy. The foreign press has already written that she is only a puppet. And you change your doll if you do not change the doll. And the puppet fights desperately for survival and freedom.

But the change of Prime Minister would not be a risk-free operation for Liviu Dragnea. It would be ideal if the decision were something of a postcollective type: withdrawal from the government, but the maintenance of power in the hands of the majority who would de facto run the government without election costs, such as in the time of the Chiloos government.

That, of course, more neither does the ALDE relationship become clearer, and it will get worse with the proximity of the presidents. A coalition has no way to survive by having two opposing candidates in the elections, already seen in 2009 and then with the USL. And the PSD will never give up the presidential candidacy of an allogeneic person. We already see how Dragnea pushes just as hard as Tariceanu in the treacherous suspicion of collaboration with Iohannis.

But I do not think Liviu Dragnea is thinking about leaving. Only when he has fully invaded justice and secret services. Plus the promise of pardon and amnesty, which is only put on sourdough, and not given up.

and In order to remain in government, a prime minister must be found who meets two almost incompatible conditions: perfectly obedient to Liviu Dragnea, such as Viorica Dancila, but also as competent as possible to start repairing PSD brands.

But he who is competent can not take all the ideas of Valcov and the orders of Dragnea, which he does not even seem to show, and who does not swallow them is no longer obedient. This is Dragnea's biggest problem, not a ghostly president and an opposition that has yet to become an alternative.

Dragnea & # 39; s problem, which has become Romania, is the delirium of the power of a desperate and angry man. And this man is catching a country.

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