How Doiniţa Oancea was surprised on the beach! Her friend showed her TATUAY and MUSCLE …

Former soap actress Doiniţa Oancea (35 years old) has a two-year relationship with a young man with muscles, beards and tattoos, who prevent them from being seen at the events of the day.
"I do not want to show the sentimental things in my life, no, he is not thirsty for the celebrity, we are together for two years, I want to live my story in privacy," said Doiniţa Oancea.

Recently, the two recently relaxed by the sea and not hiding from curious glances on the beach, writes

Doinita Oancea confesses that she is not in a hurry to make a wedding.
"I did not think about the wedding date, I will make my wedding dress in my studio," she said.


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