How Liviu Dragnea became the target of an assassination attempt

Liviu Dragnea, the third man in the state, came with bomb information on Tuesday night: a so-called attempt to kill him by many foreigners. "We made an attempt last year in April, four foreigners came to Romania, they stayed at the Athenee Palace of what I was told and they stayed here for three weeks, please, I escaped," said Liviu Dragnea, asking if he would death was threatened.

Moreover, the PSD leader suggested that behind this attempt would be the famous businessman and philanthropist George Soros. "We're in a mafia state, the parallel state is a mafia, I know he's been investigated, I still do not know Yes, a very famous man of the world No, I do not think about him (Soros – No.) He thinks of me, "added Dragnea as it became Soros. The next day Dragnea came with a statement: it is not about Soros, but he is still an important man. On the other hand, he told them how they came after him in a restaurant, they looked at him, came closer and told him that he was killing him, but he was too busy in traffic and try to block it. Last but not least, he has not filed a complaint with the public prosecutor because he does not trust the institutions.

SRI, SPP and the prosecutor's office do not have such information

On Wednesday, from the early morning hours, institutions have the authority to investigate such a case as to whether they should have that information, because we are talking about a possible attempt to assassinate the third man as a state power, have pointed out that there have been no investigations and no information about the arrival of foreigners who planned the murder of Liviu Dragnea. The Attorney General stated that the institution did not exist and that no investigation was conducted into the statements made by the President of the Chamber of Deputies. DIICOT also announced that it had no open investigation into the subject.

The security and guard service, ie the institution in charge of the dignitaries' surveillance, emphasized that he was unaware of any attempt to assassinate Dragnea from four foreigners: the protection and security service was not informed of some of the statements made public yesterday (not Tuesday) about a possible murder by the president of the Chamber of Deputies, "the SPP responds, last but not least, the DVI's response, which announced that it was not among its and received no message from Dragnea, "Adevărul" asked the PSD leader which institution he called when he came after "murderers" and which institution announced that an investigation had been opened, but Dragnea did not respond to the reports.

It is even true that a look at the events in the early spring of 2017 shows that Dragnea and PSD began to recover after the 13th EGO scandal and that the PSD leader brought Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu to catch the fish to catch him. Also in April he had meetings with a delegation of American businessmen and a meeting in Bucharest with Frans Timmermans, the first vice-president of the European Commission and one of the officials who warned Romania not to relax the anti-corruption struggle.

The political opposition dared Dragnea for his allegations. "It is a faulty man, a spot," said Senator Alina Gorghiu, former president of PNL. The liberal spokesman also recommended a "specialty check". Instead, part of the PSD, including Nicolae Bacalbasa and Codrin Stefanescu, placed next to Dragnea.

What the specialists say
Specialists who are contacted by Adevărul believe that Liviu Dragnea's statement aims to distract people from the violence on August 10, but also shows that the PSD leader is willing even the first positions in the can be declassified. "It's a distraction, I think he wanted to distract you from the violence of August 10. Dragnea wanted to take the stories of gendarmes with Carmen Dan with tear gas, but now the press has to deal with this story. made by a statement from the DVI that tells us whether four professional murderers were housed in the Athenee Palace Hotel or not, if they were identified, identified and deported.If the situation is not real, we have a clinical case. psychiatrist and control, although I think he treated the story with the cold, the man was overwhelmed by ridicule, "said political scientist Stelian Tanase for" Adevărul ".

In turn, sociologist Mircea Kivu embarks on the same idea. "Dragnea wants to fix the agenda and not speak on August 10. Moves the topic of discussion". On the other hand, he says that Corneliu Vadim Tudor made such statements among high-ranking politicians in the last 29 years. "Vadim still made these statements, but if he took his pills, he went back," Kivu remarked.

On the other hand, Stelian Tanase points out that Dragnea knows that he and his party have bigger problems, both in the country and abroad. "He has made mistakes for mistakes, it is in a long series that produces such situations in which it reaches an unfavorable light.The world will look at him with different eyes.In a European country, in such positions, come with such bastions. demonstrated that he has no room, he remained a farmer of Gratia, the son of a militia official, confusing Romania with Teleorman and his village, "concluded the political scientist.

I started to notice people who wanted to see me. In the first part of April they became more and more showy. They made gestures that meant death.
Liviu Dragnea, PSD leader

Darius Vâlcov, in the fight against the KGB

Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă's economics adviser, Darius Vâlcov, announced on Tuesday that he was proposed to betray the PSD in 2015 and was given the position of prime minister, stressing that he "wanted to be taken over by the KGB", but refused. According to Vâlcov, the connecting person was Cozmin Guşa, his bride's pomp and Realitatea TV patron. "This offer has already been made to me several times," said Vâlcov, a person sentenced to eight years in prison for execution for corruption offenses. Vâlcov & # 39; s statements made Cozmin Guşa send him to hit the attic & # 39 ;. And Victor Ponta wondered what Darius Vâlcov smokes to say such things.

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