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Only a few hours after Minister Tudorel Toader van Justice said that only the judicial inspection could determine whether prime minister of the military prosecutor Ionel Corbu was announced in advance for the open investigation into violence on August 10, the institution led by Judge Lucian Netejoru has brought himself .

Focused on the judicial inspection, the statements of the First Prosecutor Ionel Corbu are that "the aggravated acts of aggression are in no way justified".

On Monday morning, Minister Tudorel Toader van Justitie said that only the judicial inspection could determine whether the first public prosecutor of Bucharest's military prosecutor's office had been announced on the August 10th violence investigation when he stated that "aggravated acts of aggression were not justified".

"You ask me whether or not it is planned in advance.If it is not a deviation from professional ethics or procedural rules, only the judicial inspectorate can give an answer," said Tudorel Toader, commenting on the statements of the public prosecutor. Ionel Corbu about the intervention of the gendarmes in the protest of 10 August.

First prosecutor of the military prosecutor, Ionel Corbu, said last week that the Gendarmerie sent a large proportion of the requested documents, but "it is necessary to request additional additional reference data that is necessary and useful for the case".

When asked if the documents of the Gendarmerie show that there had been such a powerful intervention, the First Prosecution said that there are elements to prove the occurrence of the events, but in his opinion, "the aggravated acts of aggression is not justified ".

"For the most part, yes, there is evidence and evidence of the extent of the events to be carried out, but in my opinion the aggravated aggression actions can not be justified in any way as long as there are several ways to blur a number of steps. are degenerated or degenerate, "Corbu said.

The file about the violence on Victoriei Square was taken over by the prosecutor's office of the Supreme Court of Cassation and Justice – the military prosecutor's office of the military prosecutor's office attached to the Military Tribunal of Bucharest, so that "the investigation of events can be unitary. made". The Public Prosecution Service announced on Friday evening that criminal prosecution, including the receipt of complaints or cancellations, will take place on Monday at the Public Prosecution Service.

More than 400 people needed medical attention during the August 10 protest at Victory Square.


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