It is real! THE PROBLEMS from the past come from URMĂ. A famous TV SUPPLIER is CONVINCED IN DEBT. His wife is CONFIRMED

The former partner of Antena 1 contacted this uncomfortable situation.

In a recent interview Diana Simion confessed that her former husband, the father of her children, is the only one who owns the apartment in the 6th district of the capital where they lived together in the past. She wanted to clarify this point by pointing out that her villa had returned from Corbeanca after the divorce. The former wife of Răzvan Simion also said that she had no reason to be tried in court because she had no more co-owner in that apartment for more than two years..

"In 2016, when I divorced, I split, and that apartment returned to my ex-husband, at which point I gave up my ownership in that house to his advantage! What to tell, everything was up-to-date, and taxes, and maintenance and bills, otherwise you could not divide it !!! In short, from the moment everything between us and the deal for the lawyers ended on the basis of the goods, it is as if I have sold it! Now I have absolutely no connection with the past.Therefore I tell you clearly that I can not be called in any form of quality for the lawmen! I repeat, since May 2016 my ex-husband in Finance, sector 6, is the sole owner and is he legally responsible for him! The truth is this and can not be disputed by anyone, "said Diana Simion.

Diana and Răzvan Simion have two children together: Ianca and Tudor.

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