It is the weakest PSD government

When asked about Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă, Ecaterina Andronescu said: "This was also the second reason why I sent the letter from my colleagues."

"I think the PSD can give many more powerful governments, and that is why I think we should talk about it with all sincerity, I have not criticized the government, accused my colleague from Sibiu that I have criticized the government, to make a better government, "Andronescu added, Agerpres said.

Asked whether this government is the weakest in the history of the PSD, the PSD senator reacted in the affirmative. "If I look at it so little in history, then I'm right, if the PSD did not have people to go with an executive government, I would not have responded, but I know there are so many scientists with the desire to leave something behind. let's not go as prime minister to put a crown of laurels on your forehead, you're going to leave something behind. "

Ecaterina Andronescu did not want to elucidate the names of possible future prime ministers: "I have more names in my mind, but I do not want to create a discussion and a dispute in the party."

In his opinion, if someone says something is wrong, "does not have to be dumped". "I think we should try a debate so that we can find solutions.

The Social Democratic Senate has emphasized that his letter does not want to attack the PSD, but a desire for dialogue in the governing bodies.

Social Democrat Senator Ecaterina Andronescu on Tuesday called party leader Liviu Dragnea to take a step back "for the benefit of Romania and PSD", and stated that the party would soon come with "a prime minister and a PSD government of superprofessionals" .

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