Ivonne Ghita died! The journalist was defeated by the disease

Ivonne Ghiţă died from his life. The journalist struggled with a disease that eventually won the fight. The Eurosport team officially announced on their Facebook page that their girlfriend and colleague died alive. At the age of 50, Ivonne moved to the eternal after a long time as he was on a battlefield and struggled to survive.

As a sign of consideration, the profile image of the Facebook Eurosport page now bears a black color. As you open up, everything leaves you a grieving air, where the cover photo is black. Although the team continues its activities and now posts news, the team has also left a message from Farewell Greetings to Ivonne.

Their announcement gathered thousands of feedback and hundreds of comments from Eurosport followers. Among the many condolences that are transferred from the internet there were also messages of respect for everything Ivonne did during his career. One of them emphasized the beautiful voice that the journalist had, and went on to say that he was an incredible person and a devoted man who loved his work.

The journalist was defeated by the disease. The comments from her followers on hearing the news are full of sorrow

"Probably at one point everyone of us woke up to stop in the middle of a conversation, next to a TV that commented in the background and with a loud voice:" What a nice voice Yvonne has, "how often he has also heard Go ahead We often do not meet people who explain to you what other words look like in these days … "dedication, conscientiousness, haberdashery, manners, strong personality." The kind of man that forces you to be more elegant and careful be with the others around your presence.

Perhaps the scrapbook has also shaped it: elegant but direct. Personally she is the person who has made time to come with her Australian holiday shootings to convince me of the beauty of places and people, and she also has the connection to make sure everything is in order. Influence before it is a fashion. Yes, a nice man, of real value, left early. Rest in peace ", said one of those who loved the journalist immensely.

The venerable journalist graduated from the National Academy for Physical Education and Sport and from the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences at the University of Bucharest. Since 2004 he has been working at Eurosport, a place that has become his family to this day.

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The message left by colleagues was painful

Ivonne Ghiţă stopped living after a disease.
Commentator Ivonne Ghiţă went to the saints at the age of 50, overwhelmed by a disease

Starting with a letter that looked like a letter on the front, they officially announced that rumors would not circulate without reason, the news that their girlfriend and colleagues had stopped living. As a result of a disease that broke it, Eurosport wrote with great sadness that they lost a fundamental commentator, but also a man who laughed their lips every day. "Dear friends, with deep and profound pain, tonight, the Eurosport team has favored my colleague and friend Ivonne Ghita, the disease has been defeated and Ivonne has died out.

Since 2004, Ivonne has been the unmistakable voice of & # 39; artistic & # 39; sports, Olympic programs & # 39; s and many Eurosport competitions. We lost a fundamental commentator, but especially one of the most appealing personalities in our editorial staff, "they wrote, and at the end of the post, colleagues wanted an eternal silence." Ivonne, you will find eternal silence! – Arnold Cobilanschi, Editorial Director of Eurosport Romania ", the team added.

Finally they assured her, because they were there in heaven, that they would be with these family and loved ones on these painful moments. "Discovery and Eurosport Romania deeply regret the loss of our colleague and we are with the family and what you do at these difficult times," concluded the Eurosport Romania team.


Ivonne Ghita died! The journalist was defeated by the disease

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