Judicial inspection Verifies prosecutors with research into research 10 August – Essential

The Judicial Inspection carries out preliminary checks on military prosecutors Ionel Corbu and Bogdan Pârlog, who initiated the investigation into the intervention of the gendarmes during the protest on 10 August, told representatives of the judicial inspection to Agerpres.

Prosecutor Bogdan Pârlog went to Victoria Square on 10 August and prepared an oral report, on the basis of which the Bucharest Military Prosecutor opened the criminal file. Interior Minister Carmen Dan argued that Bogdan Pârlog attended the Gendarmerie's orders and even participated in a training of gendarmes.

On the other hand, the head of Bucharest's military prosecutor Ionel Corbu denied that a military prosecutor would have been present at the gendarmerie's command center.

Minister Tudorel Toader van Justitie said on Monday that only the judicial inspectorate can determine whether prosecutor Ionel Corbu of the military prosecutor's office, attached to the Military Tribunal of Bucharest, claimed to say that aggravated acts of aggression were unjustified & # 39 ;.

"If you are wondering whether or not it is a prelude, unless it is a departure from professional ethics or procedural rules, only the judicial inspection can give an answer," said Tudorel Toader, quoted by Mediafax, on the question of what the statements of the public prosecutor Ionel Corbu, on the investigation of the gendarmerie.

The reaction of the minister comes after Wednesday that the prosecutor, who has dealt with months of the case, said that although according to the analyzed documents there were indications of the extent of the violence that would take place in protest, in his opinion, the violent actions of the gendarmes.

"There are indications and evidence of the magnitude of the events taking place or taking place, and in my opinion aggravated aggressions were in no way justified, as long as there were several ways to step away the steps that were proceeding," said Ionel Corbu.

Military prosecutors opened a criminal case in which criminal proceedings were initiated for violations of abuse, misuse of service and negligence at the service of the gendarmes' intervention during the August 10 protest.

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