Klaus Iohannis, IN CORSI! A new blow received by …

The presidential administration has spent more than 37 million lei on investments.

Social Democrats criticize Iohannis for attending the PNL meeting in Sibiu and postponing the CSAT meeting

The Klaus Iohannis administration has spent almost 9 million euros over the past 3 years and 7 months. Only in the first half of this year the investments made amount to more than 5.24 million lei. Petrol and cars seem to be the priority of the mandate, according to an analysis of jurnalul.ro. On the whole, the presidential administration bought a fuel of more than 421,000 euros during the reference period. Gasoline and diesel were of course used for cars in the facility, cars that ingest other money.

In total, the Cotroceni Palace almost spent on repairs and purchases of cars almost 640,000 euros on the mandate of Klaus Iohannis.

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