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Prosecutor General of the Prosecutor's Office at the Supreme Court of Cassation and Justice, Augustin Lazar, has ordered the delegation of the former chief prosecutor of DNA, Laura Codruţa Kovesi, to the post of prosecutor at the Office of Counseling and Control of the Public Prosecutor's Office , added to the High Court of Cassation and Justice with July 11, 2018, according to a press release from the public prosecutor's office.

"Following the decision of the Department of the High Council for the Magistracy on the continuation of the activity of Ms LAURA CODRUŢA KOVESI following the dismissal of the function of chief prosecutor of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate, the prosecutor general of the prosecutor's office connected at the Supreme Court of Cassation and Justice, Mr Augustin Lazăr, via Order No. 1412 of 11 July 2018, ordered the delegation to the Public Prosecution Service of the Public Prosecutor's Office and Inspection of the High Court of Cassation on 11 July 2018 and justice was attached.

Taking into account the professional experience gained so far, the public prosecutor will have attributions with regard to the implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy for the period 2016 – 2020, approved by Government Order No. 583 of 2016, namely the update of the anti-corruption strategies, as well as the elaboration of sectoral strategies at the level of the public prosecutor's office, in line with the strategic objectives and priority areas of the institution, as expressed in the Public Prosecutor's Strategy for the period 2016-2020 ", the Office of Information and public relations of the public prosecution service attached to the high court of cassation and justice.

Laura Codruta Kovesi announced on Monday 9 July that President Klaus Iohannis had signed the decree of his revocation as chief prosecutor of DNA, that he would no longer work in the National Anti- terrorism Directorate but would remain a prosecutor.

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