Liberals meet in Sibiu in the hope that Iohannis passes by to greet them. Orban is the NEGATIVE leader

Liberals meet in Sibiu on Friday, where President Klaus Iohannis can also appear. PNL sources have told, for the Evenimentul Zilei, that the president will not interfere with their internal problem, in the rebellion that a group has with Ludovic Orban. The source, an old liberal, an opponent of the leader of the PNL, claims that it is now time for the party and if the opportunity is not used, there is no reason to complain afterwards. "Our audience has never paid any more attention to us, never had higher expectations, we've never had such a way, if we do not come up with concrete solutions, no stories, it's done," said the liberal. also added the real concerns of society: pensions, socio-economic issues (such as swine fever), strengthening of local economies.

On Friday, at 16.00, Sibiu Bex starts from PNL. The same source has made it clear to us why this place has been chosen. "So Louis and Raluca (Turcan-note red.) Want to go to Sibiu, may the president come over and greet us."

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