Luxury resorts on the coast and the Bragadiru-Voluntari metro station, introduced by the government on the list of strategic projects in public-private partnership – essential

The government has introduced eight new strategic investment projects on the list of PPPs drafted by the National Commission for Strategy and Prediction (CNSP) on Thursday. The Executive has therefore adopted a resolution in which 16 strategic investment objectives are approved, including eight new projects, according to Mediafax.

On Thursday, the government adopted a decision to supplement the annex with the list of strategic investment projects in public-private partnerships, where the government's decision is taken in the proposal of the CNSP.

In total, after the Thursday supplement, the list contains a total of 21 investment projects, according to the sources. The National Forecasting Commission is currently preparing the substantiation studies for each of these projects and will present them to the government for approval by the GD and the launch of the auctions after completion of the studies.

The list of PPP projects adopted by MEDIAFAX on Thursday during the governmental meeting is:

1. A high-speed railway Bucharest – Craiova – Timisoara – Cluj, about 1,275 km long

2. Extension of the metro network by the M7 bus, on the Bragadiru – Alexandria – Colentina – Voluntari route, with a length of 25 km, with about 30 stations.

3. Expansion of the Constanta gate by creating extra operational docks / terminals MOLs 3 and 4, an objective that is included in the Masterplan.

4. The hydro-technical complex Târgu Magurele-Nicopole on the Danube. It produces an average of 1200 Gwh / year.

5. The Tarniţa – Lăpuşteşti Pumped Hydroelectric Power Plant, an objective foreseen in the Romanian energy strategy

6. Construction of a luxury resort system on the Black Sea – "New Costinesti". The project provides for the capitalization of about 2.5 km from the beach of the Costinesti area – 23 August, by creating new living spaces on Western standards. It consists of 4 luxury resorts with a total area of ​​800 hectares of land and eight 8-star five-star hotels with more than 4,000 rooms. There are also two fun parks including water activities, a golf course, wellness and spa centers, water sports centers, tennis courts, swimming pools and landscaping of 100 hectares of gardens and forests.

7. Multifunctional clinic Calistrat Grozovici, within the national hospital of infectious diseases Matei Bals. The project provides for the construction of two building units with an area of ​​approx. 51,000 m² at various levels, which will consist of emergency department, ambulatory unit, ATI units, consultation rooms, imaging, radiotherapy, operating block, pharmacy, surveillance rooms, cabinets, heliport, amphitheater, laboratories, block of research.

8. Regional hospital Târgu Mureş, with a capacity of approximately. 800 – 1,000 beds. The project also provides for the construction of neighborhood housing for doctors and auxiliary staff, commercial, entertainment, educational institutions, as well as accommodation facilities for family members of patients.

In addition to these projects, Vice Prime Minister Viorel Stefan said on 22 May that the government will build the Alexandria-Lugoj, Târgu Neamţ-Iaşi-Ungheni and Ploieşti-Râşnov motorways under the new Public Private Partnership (PPP) legislation, as well as the hospital. Republican, and will launch 15 CFR hospitals, announced on May 22nd.

"The 109 km long Târgu Neamţ – Iaşi – Ungheni motorway will have a bridge over Prut and the Ploieşti-Braşov-Râşnov highway (100 km) will probably be the most sought after by private partners, with intense traffic and tourist potential of this area The southern highway (Alexandria – Craiova – Calafat – Turnu Severin – Lugoj), with a total length of 550 kilometers, will be of great importance to investors and carriers in the south of the country, "Deputy Prime Minister Viorel Stefan told a newsletter that was not followed by a question and answer session.

Launching the public-private operation of 15 CFR hospitals "is a starting point because PPP projects do not only relate to the construction and infrastructure sector, but also to the exploitation of public services through the new legislation," said the Deputy Prime Minister.

The medical complex "Carol Davila" – the Republican hospital – will have 37 operating rooms and 2,000 beds, and there will be a medical faculty and student hostels and a hotel next to the hospital for the patients of interned patients, says a document presented by the official.

"All these five projects will, according to our estimates, attract investments of 15-20 billion euros, and the works can actually start next year," said Viorel Ştefan.

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