Major, called to MAE to explain on Giuliani's letter: His position is not the Ministry – Essential

US Ambassador George Maior will be summoned for explanation at the Department of Foreign Affairs after announcing Monday that Giuliani's current lawyer, Trump's lawyer, says this is the expression of lobbying by troops interested in defending people with problems the law, writes Mediafax.

"We assure our international partners that in Romania there is the necessary political will of the Romanian government and the government coalition to ensure the proper functioning of the rule of law, to respect fundamental rights and freedoms, to develop a true democracy and to combat harmful phenomena, such as the phenomenon of corruption: Ambassador George Maior had a position that was not approved at the level of the MAE or the government, and does not represent the position of the MFA.An ambassador of Romania must be concerned that, in accordance with the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations, always representing the interests of the Romanian state in the state in which it is accredited Its role is to promote national interest, because it derives from institutional consensus and refrains from public statements that bilateral relations with other States could influence negatively.We recall that the action line One of the amabasadors has been agreed at the level of the Romanian institutions and that any deviation from it can be attributed according to the applicable procedures. In this context, Ambassador George Maior will be called for explanations in the MAE headquarters, "according to the MAE press release.

George Maior, the current American ambassador to the US and former SRI director, said Monday that Rudolph Giuliani, the current lawyer of President Donald Trump, said this was the expression of lobbying by troops interested in law enforcement.

"A sparkling and extremely combative character in the United States, I do not know if he is Donald Trump's lawyer, she is at least the expression of a lobby, initiated by some troops interested in defending our characters. had problems with justice, that is what I tell you clearly, "said George Maior, Romania's ambassador to the United States on Monday.

George Maior was nominated by Giuliani as one of the signatories to the protocols that made abuses possible in Romania.

"In addition to the excesses that the DNA has done in the name of" law enforcement ", I have unfortunately been aware in recent months of the existence of" secret protocols "that several public institutions have signed with the Romanian Intelligence Service (" SRI "), including secret protocols with: the high Court of Cassation and Justice of Romania, the prosecutor's office attached to the Supreme Court of Cassation and Justice and the High Council of Magistracy, the signatories of the secret protocols include: Laura Codruta Kovesi, of the parquet The Supreme Court of Cassation and Justice and George-Cristian Maior, who now acts on behalf of the SRI as the ambassador of Romania in the United States, "reads Rudolph Giuliani's letter to President Klaus Iohannis and other Romanian officials.

George Maior is one of the prominent signatories of the protocols, which functioned during the time that he was the director of the Romanian intelligence service, agreements consisting of operative magistrate teams and the secret service. Major has repeatedly been accused of having been the one who has allowed SRI to be involved in justice and to intervene in favor of certain political characters.

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