MApN has launched the tender procedure of the Mobile Missile Launch System

The Ministry of National Defense (MoNP) initiated the takeover of the "Missile Missile Launching Mobile System" (SIML) on Monday.

According to a communiqué, the tender is carried out by the Ministry of Armaments and is supplemented by a multi-year supply contract that is valid for the period 2018-2022.

"Coastal batteries are an essential defensive asset for Romania, as a coastal country on the Black Sea, which protect coastal coastal areas from the threats posed by surface vessels." By donating the mobile missile launch system, the Romanian navy will be able to conduct combat in a timely manner, from the entire national coast, from predetermined or unfolded positions, day or night, regardless of hydro-meteorological conditions, "said the communiqué .

The MApN announces that an important qualification criterion when awarding the contract will relate to balancing compensation, which means that "the economic operator to whom the multi-annual contract is awarded has the duty to operate on the national territory, production / assembly / testing / maintenance at the level of a market participant with majority or complete state capital of the national defense industry, authorized and registered in the register according to the law ".

Within the production or assembly capacities in Romania the integration of SIML components, life cycle maintenance systems of the systems would be carried out in such a way that in crisis situations and war situations it would not be necessary to send them out of the territory but also the implementation of future modernization solutions for SIML, says the MApN.

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