Marian Rosca, the TIR driver who died in Genoa, saved three people after his death

Marian Rosca, the TIR driver who died after falling off the truck on the Genoa Bridge, saved the lives of three people, the gesture of his family to donate his organs by impressing Italian doctors.

According to the Italian media, the family of Marian Rosca, the 36-year-old Gorj who died after spending a few days at the San Martino hospital in Genoa on Saturday, decided that his organs were donated.

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Marian's family made this decision after the doctors told him that the young man's life could not be saved because he had very serious injuries.

The kidneys of Marian went to two children and the liver saved the life of a person in Padua.

Marian Rosca was initially declared dead after the tragedy on the Morandi bridge, but later the family discovered that he was admitted to a coma in the hospital of Genoa.

Doctors announced that the TIR driver had suffered a devastating head injury and a thoracic trauma in a deep IV degree coma. The Romanian died a few days later.

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