Mechanical TAROM, caught in the workplace. What was the reaction of the airline

About an month ago, an incident occurred at Iasi Airport, but it was only now that a TAROM engineer was caught in drunkenness at work while checking out the take-off plane.

The man was recalcitrant and abused the staff. The reason why the border police were requested is shown by a report from an inspector from the airport.

The technician was taken to the medical office, where the result of the alcohol test was 2.11.

"Taking into account the articles and press materials relating to the case of an employee of the technical department of TAROM, who carried out his activities under non-compliant conditions at Iasi International Airport, we make the following points:

  1. On 25 July, just a few hours after receiving the report from the Iasi authorities, the work permit of the TAROM employee was withdrawn and the request for recovery was addressed to him.
  2. Verifications have been carried out with the TAROM aircraft departing from Iasi International Airport. The results revealed that no safety rules were violated. Our checks led to the conclusion that the employee in question did not really work on an aircraft.
  3. A disciplinary committee has been established at the level of the employer.
  4. The employment relationships between TAROM and the employee concerned shall, in accordance with the legal provisions, start with effect from 1 September a.m.
  5. From 24 July to now, the employee did not perform any activity in the company.

Finally, we would like to point out that TAROM aircraft are controlled by a full technical team, with due regard for all aviation safety standards. The Iasi case is regrettable and not representative of the technical department of TAROM. In addition, TAROM acted with the greatest ambition for two purposes: firstly to monitor the actions of our former employee and, secondly, to terminate the employment relationship with the employee concerned. TAROM has a policy of zero tolerance for such cases"TAROM said in a statement.

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