Mechanical TAROM, who checked the aircraft for takeoff, took a drink at work

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A TAROM engineer who checked the aircraft before taking off from Iasi airport was caught while drinking at work.

The incident, which took place a month ago, was reported in the report of an air traffic inspector. The document was obtained by the Digi24 television station.

The incident took place on July 24 at 23.20.

"Around 23.20 hours after carrying out the PDA inspection, when I drove to the platform, I saw a TAROM technician who was tracking the shipment that was carrying out the push back operation to the TAROM aircraft when I approached the person in question To stop him from following the coordinator while pushing, he aggressively verbally lifted the tone and seized my head at a certain moment as his colleague approached trying to remove it, and the person became even more aggressive. verbally his colleague, while we called 7 through the station asking him to remove the person in the first phase of the platform, "says the inspector's report.

"Given the visible state of the Lord … supposed only at that moment of intoxication, the border police and the medical cabinet were announced to help us reassure the lord and carry out an ethical test to at that time the Lord state. determining and taking measures are required, "the document continues.

Finally the man agreed to be tested with the most elite device: "He was taken to the medical office in the T3 rooms, where after about 10-15 minutes in the presence of the border police and the representative of the medical cabinet. … in the etiotest blew, the result is an alcohol in the exhaled air of 2.11 ".

The mechanic was escorted outside the airport. After the incident, the man was fired.

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