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Members of the Metro Free Trade Union (USLM) joined the second week of protests. In the first two days of this week, underground workers are protesting in front of the Victoria Palace, hoping that the government will take into account their wishes they made last week when they picked up the headquarters of the Ministry of Transport for four days.
They blame the lack of personnel in the transport safety sector, which should employ 700 people, the budget deficit of 95 million lei, the loss of the process with ASTALDI and the termination of the contract with Sindomet Serv SRL for the commercial premises of the subway stations.
At the end of last month, after a meeting with employee representatives, Lucian Ova, Minister of Health, sent a press release: "The main claim of USLM is the extension of the commercial lease of the metro stations between Sindomet and Metrorex, which expires at the end of September and The Minister of Transport, Lucian Ova is of the opinion that the administration of Metrorex has the obligation and optimization of the revenues, including those obtained from the rental of commercial spaces, opinion of the Ministry of Transport ".
On the other hand, the USLM trade unions have stated that it is necessary to renew the joint venture agreement for the commercial areas of the metro stations, because a large part of the sum of Sindomet Serv SRL goes to the maintenance of the leisure and balneoclimatological unit of the Buteni resort, which benefits almost 5,000 Metrorex employees on holiday. USLM also claims that it wants to establish such a unit on the coast.
With regard to the employment of 700 people, Metrorex said that the Ministry of Transport endorsed the memorandum signed with the trade union and the issuance of a government decision that would allow the first employment of about 350 people on the metro.
However, Ion Rdoi, the president of the USLM, is not happy and states that the lack of security personnel can cause underground real tragedies. According to him, an underground train of 2,000 meters was a step away from derailment two weeks later, after a defect in the steering system.
He added that in addition to this problem, three weeks ago, a similar incident occurred, but a train that was about to retreat and did not travel with the climbers.
As far as the risk of an accident is concerned, Ion Rdoi said that this point has been reached "because people who make train auctions, who receive the trains and need to be technically attentive, are interested, not by the metro, not by the Romanians and by Romania. Without the fact that it is a subsidized unit and there is the money of the Romanians, I believe that it is not the importance of Romania and the responsibility they have for the oxen, their importance. "
The president of the USLM mentioned that after 17 October, when the collective labor agreement expires, the union will not exclude the general strike if their requirements are not resolved by then.

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