Mirela Vaida left without a Facebook page! "I apologize if I insult someone with a nude photo"

The famous presenter told his fans that, at least for the time being, he left the Facebook page because of "inappropriate content". Mirela Vaida had published a photo of her two-year-old boy, completely naked on the beach.

Mirela Vaida wrote a long comment on the Instagram account and explained why fans can no longer find her on Facebook.

The problem arose after the presenter published a photograph of her two-year-old naked kid on a beach. It looks like the snapshot is classified as & # 39; inappropriate content & # 39 ;. That is why the account has been suspended.

"I apologize if I insult someone with the naked photo from my back of my 2-year-old boy on the beach !! Today is his birthday! I have just closed the official page for inappropriate content! Please forgive me, all those who are horrified by this pornographic image! I have received all your reports well !! Have a nice day now! ??? To you, to others, thank you very much for the thousands of good wishes and good thoughts !!! ❤️ ?? ", explained Mirela Vaida.

"Pagina is a few years old !!! I wrote to fb but I received no feedback! ?", the star added.

"Do you know how many pictures we have had at sea since childhood? The diaper dermatitis is treated by exposure to the sun … And the picture was back, a child mistreated the sea in the empty ass … Funny and so! Please …", Mirela Vaida concluded.

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