Mr. Dragnea, when he resigns …

Pro Romania Victor Ponta said on Monday in Botosani that the leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, should have given up his leadership when he was convicted in the second corruption case.

The leader of Pro Romania claims that, in the future, "Dragnea, when he resigns, will not go home", adding that he will "go for the law".

"When he was convicted in the second case, Mr. Dragnea had to withdraw if he was interested in the fate of the PSD." These assholes with the parallel state, with Soros … Come on, no one believes them! Unlike me – I resigned and went home – Mr Dragnea, if he resigns, he will not go home, "said Ponta.

On the other hand, the former PSD chairman says he will no longer say the name of the current Social Democrat leader "when he will no longer be in office".

"Mr. Dragnea is the one who makes decisions in Romania for our daily lives, and when Mr. Dragnea is no longer in office, you will not hear me by saying his name, I do not care about the life of his government, but as long as decisions only are taken, they do not consult anyone, it is our duty to get up ", added Victor Ponta, according to Agerpres.

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