New Europe announces the next step: because of the secret protocols signed by the DNA, the amnesty will follow

Romania may have to introduce amnesty for people convicted of corruption, due to the politicization of justice and illegal cooperation between institutions, says New Europe, quoted by Mediafax.

"Governmental institutions in Romania could consider the possibility of amnesty in cases that ended with corruption convictions during the mandate of Laura Kovesi at the head of the National Anti-terrorism Directorate (DNA)." The situation comes after years of accusations of backstage practices and deviant tactics used to achieve an impressive conviction of 92% Concern over the highly politicized judiciary, neglect of the rule of law and arbitrary judicial practices have led some government officials to consider such a dramatic measure ", writes New Europe, commenting that "Laura Kovesi & # 39; s removal from the DNA leadership raises questions about the safety of convictions in his mandate."

In an editorial in Conservative Home, Lord Robathan, former British Minister of Armed Forces, remarked that the resignation of Laura Kovesi left Romania at the crossroads and now has "the freedom to reduce worries about a politicized judiciary" to a "one". gives priority to people and the rule of law ". Referring to the character of the convictions during the Laura Kovesi term, Lord Robathan remarks: "Unfortunately, many condemned cases of corruption previously praised are due to corruption and illegal cooperation between authorities, often detrimental to human rights, civil and judicial independence ", writes

"The most problematic aspect of DNA activities is probably close collaboration with intelligence services," notes New Europe and recalls that 65 secret protocols have been released with SRI.

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