New OSD scandal in PSD – An organizational leader accepted to protect the real estate interests of Mayor Mihai Chirica – source news

PSD Vice President Iasi Ovidiu Laicu claims that some municipal councilors protect the real estate interests of mayor Mihai Chirica and ask the PSD representatives to analyze every voice given in the council, because "especially freedom", writes

Ovidiu Mugurel Laicu, deputy chairman of Iasi County Branch of PSD, says in a Facebook post that Mayor Mihai Chirica, excluded from PSD at the beginning of the year, still enjoys the support of local Social Democratic councilors, and so the & # 39; Real estate interests & # 39; of the Iasi.

"We want to protect the real estate interests protected by the mayor of Iaşu by the voice of local councilors who, although still benefiting from our political support, are likely to be intimidated by the chamberlain and propaganda machine available to the mayor." I am convinced that the ladies and Gentlemen PSD city council members will understand that there is more freedom and analyzes every vote they will get, "says Ovidiu Laicu.

The vice president of PSD Iasi says that Mihai Chirica is "a big dissident who has taken the flag of anti-communism in Romania", adding that "it is remarkable that this message comes from a character who leads the town hall as his own estate, where people are threatened and changed as function socks ".

"It's easy to pose in the dissident after living in the state for a lifetime and taking advantage of the system you've promoted, it's easy to sneak into the PSD, from a director you've got rid of it you're backed up by all means, and now you've turned it back just to sort your guns, in fact, this seems like the real fight going to the Local Council, "adds PSD deputy chairman Iasi.

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Mayor Mihai Chirica was excluded from PSD earlier this year, after repeated attacks on PSD and Liviu Dragnea. However, in the city council PSD representatives vote for the projects promoted by mayor Mihai Chirica.

A few weeks ago, the interim leader of the PSD County Branch Iasi Maricel Popa announced in a press conference the resignation of Paul Boisteanu from the head of the PSD local council group, but a day later Boisteanu said he was back on the decision. Paul Boisteanu is considered a close relative of Mihai Chirica and leads the Iasi municipal branch of the PSD.

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