Nightmare on the return of vacation. Large agglomeration on A1 and …

UPDATE: INFOTRAFIC Center on the Romanian inspection of the general police reports that at this moment (4 pm) in Constanta, road traffic on DN39 is intense. It is difficult to drive to the exit of the A4 and the entrance to DN39, at Agigea (low capacity to take the highway from the motorway). There is a two-way column between the resorts Eferie Nord and Eforie Sud.

On the highway A2 Bucharest – Constanta the traffic values ​​are high in the direction of the capital. On the other hand, there are no special fluctuation problems – normal traffic.

Agglomerate is also located in the taxi station Fetesti because many drivers still pay the bridge tax at the counter for payment on the spot. That is why we remind the drivers that the toll station in both directions can pass freely with the obligation to pay the bridge load before or after the transfer until the next day at 24 hours at one of the authorized distribution stations fuel, or by SMS, of the mobile phone to the number 7577 (details on the website of the national company of motorways and national roads in Romania –

For drivers driving on motorways, we recommend that

  • complies with legal speed limits
  • to maintain a suitable distance at a suitable distance so that they
  • can safely stop to use 19659006] to provide and signal when changing the lane
  • to use the hazard warning lights when closing a column that suddenly stops or slows down
  • to give priority to leaving the lanes
  • ] According to the Infotraffic Center of the Romanian police, traffic is difficult to follow the 12 – 10 kilometer route from the motorway A1 Pitesti – Bucharest, to the significance of the to the capital because of the number of cars & # 39; s.

    Traffic is also crowded on the Prahova Valley and circulates in the column at the descent of the border with the province of Braşov to 131 km in Buşteni. The walking speed is 10-15 km / h, higher in the center of the resort, 30-35 km / h, where the police officers whisper the traffic

    In Comarnic and Sinaia traffic is intense in both directions, but it circulates without problems, says Infotrafic.

    Policemen advise drivers to exercise cautiously, to preserve the legal distance, not to do risky eruptions and to signal before the change of course

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