"No connection" between the death of Alexandria and the protest of 10 August – Romania


Protests diaspora, 10 August 2018. Photo: Agerpres

Head of the Emergency Situations Department (DSU), Raed Arafat, said at the hearing of the Committee of Defense of the Chamber of Deputies that he was the man who attended the meeting on August 10 and died in the Alexandria Hospital did not find a connection between the tear substances and the digestive manifestation for which he was admitted.

The result of the autopsy will be eloquent, says Raed Arafat.

Raed Arafat: The fact that the vomiting was four days after the exposure, which is not written on the sheet, so we do not have it in the sheet, because it was written that he had manifestations that showed that he had been exposed to the gases.

He came before the issue of epistaxis and hypertension, but even if it was exposed, vomiting four days later was unlikely and most likely it was another separate medical episode that was not related to the situation on 10 August. .

What comes out of the autopsy and what may appear afterwards can also show other aspects, but these are the information we now have, and these are the data and this is my opinion, even as a doctor.


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