One has already been killed, another is the next

After the bear was murdered in Miercurea Ciuc on Tuesday because no one calmed down within 12 hours, another person seems to have the same fate.

The information comes from CJ Harghita's head, Borboly Csaba, who tells an incident with a bear and seems to have sealed his fate.

More specifically, the chief of CJ Harghita claims that a bear attacked Tarceşti in Cobatesti, a 40-year-old man who injured one hand and one foot.

The victim was transferred to the Odorheiu-Secuiesc hospital, to be transferred for observation to the Miercurea Ciuc Emergency County Hospital.

"I spoke with the victim, with representatives from the Szalón Hunting Hospital and the Hunting Club, who would be able to set up the procedure for drawing up the request for permission to stamp bulls.

When I was informed, the victim was in the vicinity of the village, where she wanted to bring her grazing cow house from an orchard when she met the bear. He shoots him and in an attempt to defend himself he tried to slap him with his feet and save himself by starting to run. Because of the wounds (photo) the victim can not go to work, which will cause serious hardships ", writes Borboly Csaba on Facebook.

The head of CJ Harghita states that the documentation required for applying for the intervention permit for the bear in question is actually requested by the County Environmental Agency and hoping to receive permission to kill him:

"We have hope that it will happen just as quickly as in the case of the neutralized boar today in Miercurea Ciuc and that the provisions of the European Directive on the protection of wild fauna and flora will apply, which in Article 16 c) must be followed in the case of specimens of wild animals entering the areas occupied by humans.

I hope that the documentation will be delivered tomorrow morning (Wednesday – November) to the Harghita County Environmental Protection Agency, from where the favorable advice will be passed on. Today I have asked General of the National Environmental Protection Szep Robert to follow this matter, just as he did in the current Miercurea Ciuc. "

Borboly Csaba refers to the bear who was killed in Miercurea Ciuc on Tuesday after entering various households.

Read details of the liquidation operation here: Bear from Miercurea Ciuc was killed: nobody was found to calm him in time, although the animal also had "sleep interruptions"

Also Tuesday, the gendarmes banished a bear and two of his puppies in the forest near Delnita, about 11 kilometers from Miercurea Ciuc, after being seen at the local bus station.

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