One million people signed the citizens' initiative "Without punishment in public pleasure"


No criminal charges in public positions<! – No criminal charges in public positions ->

One million people signed the citizens' initiative "Without Penalties in Public Fun", according to the Facebook page.

"They come from Romanians from the largest cities, but also from the smallest towns and villages in the country, from Japan to the west coast of the United States, from the northern countries to South Africa, today 1 million Romanians say all over the world. : "Without Penali in a public office. In the past five months I have spoken with citizens of all ages. They all signed with anger, trust or hope. In the last five months I felt that people wanted to make their voices heard, and the first scream is through the message of the Penalty Initiative.

Today, 1 million Romanians believe that Romania should be managed differently, more responsible and more carefully. Together we are a force and together we can save Romania"The source quoted.

In the five months of the campaign, for example, more than 5,000 volunteers from Romania and the diaspora who joined the initiative were involved.

"Some of them have fallen victim to much abuse by police, gendarmes and mayors who have used their functions to stop signing.
Mayors refused tents to approve a number of unnecessary permits, interpreted discretionary legislation or ordered the police to change volunteers for exercising a constitutional right to collect signatures on the streets. The signal from the Romanian actors contributed to the success of the initiative. More than 80 artists from all over the country responded to the attraction of Marius Manole and changed the streets for over a week with over 90,000 signatures.

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A volunteer of the campaign & # 39; No Penalty & # 39 ;, attacked in the parking lot of a supermarket. VIDEO

After the acting week, the volunteers received help from pharmacists, pensioners and bloggers who went to the University Square to let Bucharest know that Romania needs honest people in public functions, "the Facebook page says" No punishment in positions "public."

Under Act 189/1999, the initiative requires 500,000 signatures, of which 20,000 will come from at least 21 provinces in the country, collected six months after publication in the Government Gazette. The non-punitive initiative meets both conditions and will arrive in Parliament after the signatures have been validated by the mayors.

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No criminal charges in public positions<! – No criminal charges in public positions ->

Seymour Hersh, winner of the Pulitzer prize

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