Opposition reactions after Liviu Dragnea announced amnesty with Neptune

Liviu Dragnea and PSD leaders urged Premier Viorica Dăncilă to issue the emergency ordinance for amnesty as soon as possible and to delete the protocols between the DVI and government agencies.

The decision was announced Saturday night in Neptunus, where there was a scandal between the head of PSD and Gabriela Firea. Mayor of Bucharest unsuccessfully demanded the resignation of the Minister of the Interior after the events of August 10, and Liviu Dragnea defended both Carmen Dan and the gendarmes.

PSD leaders have drawn indications on Saturday night that the government must meet urgently. The biggest problem in the PSD vision would be:

Liviu Dragnea: "The Prime Minister has been asked for an emergency regulation to cancel the protocols and their consequences, to see which normative acts must be adopted, so that the tens of hundreds of people convicted on the basis of unlawful procedures can not condemn or continue to be condemned, I do not know what the solution, amnesty or anything else is. & # 39;

The opposition regards the measures required by the PSD as abuse.

Dan Barna, president of the USR: "This attempt with the emergency ordinance is clearly a violation of the separation of powers in the state and an abuse, this is the purpose, cleaning Liviu Dragnea of ​​criminal cases, trying to use the pretext of protocols is an artificially created theme.

Ludovic Orban, president of PNL: "Dragnea and his acolytes are desperate to give amnesty and pardon, this is their goal since the black Tuesday, I am absolutely against the OUG & # 39 ;.

There were also tense discussions at the PSD table. Gabriela Firea has attacked the PSD president hard because she still supports the Minister of the Interior, Carmen Dan, after the events on 10 August.

Mayor of Bucharest asked the PSD to withdraw political support for Carmen Dan, because he was convinced that the minister would give all responsibility for the action of August 10 to the prefect of Bucharest, Hope Cliseru.

Gabriela Firea: "The minister did not respond to my affirmations, it came with some xeroxes, which means messages on the sms, Whatsapp, between the prefect and a foreign minister, I asked her if she spies on us." & # 39;

Carmen Dan: "I can work with the city hall, here are institutions, not people".

In the executive committee, Carmen Dan enjoyed the support of most PSD leaders led by Liviu Dragnea.

Reporter: "What is your relationship with Liviu Dragnea at the moment?"
Fierce: "I'm sorry to have to say, but it's tense."

"I understand her annoyance, but I do not agree with her because she has no reason," said Dragnea.

PSD leaders also discussed the subject of a unique candidate at the presidential election in 2019 without taking a decision. The variant that is taken into account is Călin Popescu Tăriceanu.

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