Orban about Catarama's complaint: it is his problem. Dismissal of opinion is punished according to the statute

Ludovic Orban, president of PNL, said about the criminal complaint that he had announced that Viorel Cataramas would be against him and that he was being punished by exclusion by the state because he committed a "crime of opinion" by his attacks on fellow & # 39; s.

Orban's image of Catarama's complaint: it's his problem. Dismissal of opinion is punished according to the statute

Orban about Catarama's complaint: it is his problem. Dismissal of opinion is punished according to the statute

On Monday evening, a broadcast from TVR 1 asked what difference it made between the criminal charges filed by Viorel Catarama against the president of PNL and 15 other liberals, and his complaint against PSD leader Liviu Dragnea and Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă, answered Ludovic Orban: "I think there is a difference." In the report that I presented to the public prosecutor against Dragnea and Dăncilă, I followed a government decision that clearly exceeded the constitutional framework. has a secret character Dragnea has broadcast its content. "

He added that the decision in BEx to exclude the first vice president of PNL Sector 2, Viorel Cataramă, was based on the "insult", the repeated attacks against the leadership of the party and colleagues. at different television stations.

"It is his problem (the criminal complaint – no.) The denial of opinion is punished according to the statute when a non-respecting member systematically attacks the decisions of the party, no one is prevented from expressing himself in the party, but if you go to the television to attack party colleagues to attack the decision of a party, you do not feel well in that party, so it is normal (to be excluded – no), "stated Ludovic Orban on TVR 1 on Monday evening.

On 7 August, Viorel Catarama announces that he will file a criminal charge on behalf of PNL leader Ludovic Orban and other 15 liberals of the party's governing bodies because they have tried to exclude him from the party and the result of the vote on the appointment of the proposed Prime Minister. by PNL.

"I will file a criminal charge against Ludovic Orban, George Ionescu and Dinu Gindu for fraud and forgery of the outcome of the National Council's vote of 11 March on the nomination of the party candidate for the function of Prime Minister," Viorel Catarama told MEDIAFAX.

On August 15, the first vice president of PNL, Viorel Cataramă, filed a lawsuit with the Bucharest Tribunal, requesting the court to annul several articles of the Code of Ethics and the FNL statute because they have the right to free speech limited. in the basic law.

"I will continue the fight for the modernization and reform of the PNL." I asked the Tribunal of Bucharest (file 27799/3/2018) to explain the invalidity of some of the party's programmatic documents. people who won blood in 1989 understand through their current leadership the right to freedom of speech that is enshrined in the Constitution, to censor and limit! Only by renouncing totalitarian practices that belong to certain times will we succeed in winning the trust of the people! said Viorel Catarama, for MEDIAFAX.

The PNL arbitration panel in Bucharest has found that the decision to exclude Viorel Cataramă from the PNL is invalid, as several points in the party's statute are not respected, including the article setting out the timely publication of the excluded persons and the right on defense.

Viorel Cataramas repeatedly attacked Ludovic Orban and said that he had to be removed from PNL's headquarters because of the lack of communication, the decisions he made without consulting the other liberals, and that he "taught the government at the beginning of the year" "when he went to the Cotroceni consultation without a proposal for a prime minister.

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