Orban explains how the candidates will be elected to the European Parliament and what his relationship is with Vasile Blaga

PNL President Ludovic Orban said on Saturday in Sibiu that the registrations for the European Parliament will be held until 1 October and the final list could be known by the end of the year.

When asked whether PNL will hold a national poll to prepare the list for the European Parliament elections, Ludovic Orban said that it will not only be a national survey, but a poll for each province, with the registrations taking place until 1 October.

"According to the decision of the National Council of the PNL, the registrations for the European Parliament will take place until October 1. We will then apply all procedures in the decision of the National Council and when we have all the criteria underlying the designation , we will make the decision "Ludovic Orban replied, quoted by Mediafax.

When asked whether the list could be known by the end of this year, Orban replied that "it is possible".

Orban also said that the PNL has several criteria that it will apply to fill in the list, namely political experience, administrative experience, experience in international relations, competence in a certain area or another.

When Orban asked if they would be mayors on the lists, he said: "If he wants to run a mayor or a provincial councilor, he will probably benefit from the criteria we use to draw up the list of candidates."

When asked about his relationship with Vasile Blaga, Orban said that there is no problem between the old liberals and the former Liberal Democrats.

"There is no problem at the moment, in the National Liberal Party there are only PNL members and PNL members act in a unified way for the party to win the election, to really create an opportunity for the Romanians," said Orban, quoted by Agerpres.

Asked how he says that party sources say he does not have a good relationship with Vasile Blaga, Ludovic Orban replied: "Do not listen to them."

Vasile Blaga was present at the meeting in Sibiu.

President Klaus Iohannis, present at the Liberals meeting in Sibiu on Friday evening, sent them as a fortified party to win the 2019 elections.

"We talked about what it will be like in 2019, the Presidency of the Council of the Union, the summit in Sibiu, we discussed different things and I was glad that we eventually also reopened a number of people that we worked together in Sibiu. " the atmosphere is very good and I think we all put our shoulders under it in 2019, "said Iohannis.

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