(PHOTO) Bacalbasa with nose and forehead

Parliamentary shock. PSD deputy Nicolae Bacalbasa, who became known for his colorful language and a clash with the demonstrators, came months to work with his connected nose and damaged head.

Bacalbaşa told journalists that he was trying to take some pictures during the weekend, he stumbled and fell.

"It is not a political dispute within the party, nor does it resist the hstag.It is a trivial accident.In my opinion I was probably about 50% probably dead.When I took photos of the old Sulina- lighthouse, Sulina was closed off from a medical center and only access to the water, which made me move – a mistake of course – with the camera one and a half meters away, no more, I came to a threshold, and I collapsed with all my weight, that big enough, with my throat extended and my hands on the device, so I touched the cement with my forehead, good luck that the nose, which occupies a prominent place, that it broke, protected me, "said the media lawyer.

He also reported that he was found by border guards and brought to the UPU.

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