PÎCCJ offered NEW AMBIENCE at the RESEARCH SURVEY on Victoriei Square

According to the investigation, which is under way, there were 386 criminal complaints.

As a result of the activities carried out until today, 21 August 2018, in the cases concerning the investigation of violent incidents during the demonstration at Victoria Square in Bucharest, the following activities were carried out:

• In the file that was taken over by the military prosecutor in the public prosecutor's office attached to the Supreme Court of Cassation and Justice, the number of registered criminal complaints reached 386, while further activities were carried out to identify persons who were involved in committing violence.

• The file registered with the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Bucharest Tribunal ordered criminal proceedings against three defendants for committing violations of order and order and public peace (for two of them) and non-compliance with the regime. weapons and ammunition, stealing a weapon in the form (for the third). Research is being continued with the defendants in preventive arrest.

• 22 criminal cases were filed with the Public Prosecutor at the Bucharest District Court, one of which was the persecution in personam, the criminal proceedings initiated and the preventive measure of the judicial authorization against a suspect for committing violations or other violence and indignation . In the other 21 cases, criminal proceedings were instituted for committing one or more of the following crimes: indignation (17 cases), hitting or other violence (a cause), destruction (a case), public incitement (a case) inciting hatred or discrimination (a case), disorder of public order and peace (a cause), qualified theft (a cause) and port or use without the right to dangerous objects (a cause).

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