PNL is hurrying about the PSD leader. "There is a wall around Carmen Dan, not to Liviu Dragnea"

Liberals make the best use of the situation created by the violence that took place at the 10th rally on Victoria Square. Yesterday they resumed the fight against PSD on several fronts in the regular meeting of the executive office. To begin with, there was a bust in the Permanent Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies, convened on Monday. The Bureau rejected the request of the opposition, temporarily coagulated and with the specific aim of liberals, to hold the Parliament in extraordinary session.

The inappropriate meeting of deputies

The Permanent Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies met yesterday to discuss the call for Parliament in extraordinary session, request on the basis of a signature list, 114, with 4 more than required by the Regulation. They signed the PNL, USR, PMP and non-affiliated parliamentarians. The extraordinary meeting was convened for August 20-24, with the aim of setting up two committees of inquiry (for the violence of August 10 and swine fever), and to submit a simple motion against Interior Minister, Carmen Dan.

The Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, Liviu Dragnea, delegated his duties for Monday to Vice-President of the Chamber, Carmen Mihălcescu. She liked that there are fake signatures in the extraordinary meeting meetings. In particular, it was the deputy Claudiu Năsui. His signature was not the same as another document. "No one signed for me, I signed it, it's my signature in both places, it's a childish tactic that shows the despair that exists in the power camp, said Năsui. Deputy Dan Vâlceanu, who replaced Raluca Turcan, told the EvZ yesterday that they would file a criminal charge against Liviu Dragnea, possibly also against Carmen Mihălcescu for abuse. "We'll wait until August 24th, maybe the extraordinary session will be called in. There was an extremely embarrassing situation at this meeting, Claudiu Năsui was accused of not being his signature, he was there and claimed to be his." Mr. Ciolac has called on him to declare on his own responsibility that he is not a fake "said Dan Vâlceanu. He said that Dragnea, if he had signed the mandate for Mihălcescu, was unable to attend and chair the meeting.

Deputy Ben Oni Ardelean told EVZ that the meeting of BP yesterday was a premiere in Romania. "For 28 years, no one has been allowed to challenge a signature in the Romanian parliament, how did they realize that those who are signed in another country are posting photos on FaceBook? want to sign, does it when it's in America " said Ardelean.

UDMR, neutral and distant

Since none of the PSD-ALDE members responded to the telephone in the Permanent Bureau, I asked for a neutral opinion, that of the UDMR deputy, Seres Denes. "Several signatures on the list were disputed, it turned out that some of the signatories were out of the country, it was not only the signature of Mr. Năsui, there were others, and the necessary documents provided by the regulation, not to the requests for the committees to be set up, "Seres said. Asked whether he believes that the absence of Dragnea is justified in the sense of signing a document, Seres said that "and that can be a problem". Seres Denes added that UDMR did not sign the extraordinary session because "we were not asked".

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