Ponta: I will submit an amendment to ban the protest of the gendarmerie hooligans – Radio – TV

Independent deputy Victor Ponta said on Sunday in Romania TV that he will propose parliament to change the law of the gendarmerie, so the "hooligans" in the police are not allowed to participate in the rallies, according to Mediafax.

"The Gendarmerie in Bucharest is an institution with the necessary information about those people who often take part in events, from football matches starting with this desire to create turbulence. (Gendarmerie – nr), they have their names, there is also a law imposed by the International Football Federation and you can make certain sanctions on the day of the game, known as hooligans who come and stay at the police station.I also thought that I heard the law of the Gendarmerie change and a change, these hooligans wanted to know when public demonstrations, protests, what would be democratic, otherwise these people will not be able to participate ", said former Prime Minister Victor Ponta,

On August 13, PNL announced to President Ludovic Orban that the Liberals will initiate at the beginning of the parliamentary session in the fall until "

" We have formed a working group to review the legislation related to the work of law enforcement officers, especially the Gendarmerie, to analyze, before the start of the parliamentary session, an amendment to the law to punish and abuse those who are responsible for violating the law, and also a simpler occasion. to stand up to account to everyone who uses violence, also wrongly in the composition of troops "

On the same day, the USR announced that it would initiate a draft law to amend the law of the gendarmerie 550 / 2004, allowing the gendarms to be identified in order of intervention by the troops, "said Ludovic Orban, leader of PNL. based on a clearly displayed uniform number, if they behave abusively against the cet of Athens. For example, gendarmes can easily be identified in the performance of their duties if they commit abuse and can respond individually to the actions they have committed, representatives of the USR say in the press release. In this way, the Romanian Gendarmerie will be exempted as an institution by a collective moral punishment on the part of society, as well as criminally and civil by the competent authorities, according to the quoted source.

The Minister of the Interior announced on Sunday that, after the rally of August 10, 21 criminal cases were opened, three of which with unknown author. Carmen Dan has announced that 20 people have been investigated, three of whom have been arrested and two are under judicial control.

"There were 21 criminal cases opened, 20 people were investigated, three were arrested and two were arrested, and the police and the gendarmerie assured you that they had worked all those days to identify violent persons, but that they" We're going more than two days to the prosecutor's office, and we will go to the prosecutor for more information and data about these days, about two terabilials of shooting, "said Dan

Gendarmes intervened violently on August 10 with gas tear and water cannons at Victoria Square to distribute anti-PSD demonstrators in front of the headquarters More than 450 people, including 35 gendarmes, received medical care from SMURD crews on Friday in protest at Victoriei Square, of which 40 were subjected to various trauma & # 39; s were transported to the hospital, including three with burns of up to 15% of the surface of the body.

About 1,000 gendarmes participated in the protest of August 10th on Victoriei Square, Laurenţiu Cazan, the one who ordered the intervention of the police at the demonstration and claimed that reinforcements were also requested from other regions of the country. At the Bucharest Military Prosecutor were registered up to 291 complaints against the gendarmes who have intervened in the protest of August 10, representatives of the Office of the Public Prosecutor declared for MEDIAFAX. Military prosecutors have so far heard 127 people

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