POWERFUL INCENDIA in Constanta. Several houses were flames. Updating

UPDATE 11.50 According to the spokesperson from ISU Dobrogea, Anca Chiriţă, to fire appearance 5 special fire extinguishers of 3 subunits from Constanta. It broke out at a House. in Appendix had flammable products (but and position houses, there are be bound to a from different) what a done Which fire should she extend at two other homes. she working for localization. A 79-year-old was transported to the hospital province Constanta from a ambulance SAJ "

Several firefighters operate at the moment to extinguish the fire, but due to the age of houses and flammable and dry materials, flames flames in other affected areas on one side.

Firefighters try to stop the expansion of the fire in nearby houses. On-site there are also medical crews from the SMURD and the Constanta County Ambulance Service. Causes of a firebreak will be determined after the extinction.

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