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Liviu Dragnea claimed that it is a premiere that the rectification of the budget should not be approved by the CSAT. He said that, according to the law, the prime minister resorted to the third part of the members of the council that brought the CSAT together, and the letter from Viorica Dăncilă with this purpose is already in Cotroceni.

Minister of Finance Eugen Teodorovici said Tuesday that if he receives no response from the presidential administration on the summons of the CSAT on the rectification of the budget, the government will ask for this convocation. Teodorovici said that the rectification of the budget will normally be voted in government next week.

The minister was asked if he expected a different answer, since the presidential administration had said that all CSAT members were expected for the rectification.

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"As long as we do not have a clear answer from the CSAT secretariat for such an opinion, we will call for a CSAT call," he said.

When asked whether the next week will be voted in the government's rectification, Teodorovici said that normally.

The presidential administration announced on Tuesday that the secretariat of the Supreme National Defense Agency (CSAT) is taking the necessary steps to obtain the individual agreement of the members of the CSAT to issue a decision on the proposals for the rectification of the state budget for 2018 of the institutions with allocations in the national security field – the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of the Interior, the Romanian Intelligence Service, the Foreign Intelligence Service, the Protection and Security Service and the Special Telecommunications Service.

The budget of the presidential administration would be reduced by 11.1 million lei as a result of the budget that the government intends to make, and the presidency accused this rectification of having nothing to do with the need to strengthen the national budget, but it is a tool for sanctioning the non-subordinate PSD institutions, with the executive power applying a form of fiscal sabotage. The Minister of Finance, Eugen Teodorovici, replied that the institution did not make any commitments for the whole budget and refused to change its decision.

Minister of Finance, Eugen Teodorovici, said on 14 August at Antena 3 that President Klaus Iohannis' spokesman supported the press release on the budgeting of the presidential administration in the budget review between 9 am and 8 pm in the information system. contracts of around 20 million lei were introduced. Teodorovici claimed that after these statements, the check was ordered at the presidential administration, but also at other institutions, and unregistered contracts were discovered, and this would lead to sanctions.

Government adviser Darius Vâlcov said on Saturday that the budget of the presidential administration would be cut off because the budget facility does not provide any extra resources "just because you want to go wherever you go to the protocol villa".

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