Protester Ilie Gazea, buried as a hero with tricolor on the coffin

The coffin with the dead body was covered with the tricolor, because, in the opinion of the neighbor, he died as a hero.

On Tuesday evening, lawmakers from IML Teleorman gave the result of the necropsy showing that the man had a digestive bleeding. They could not establish a connection with the fact that they were tearing gas through the gendarmes, so the prosecutors asked for the toxicological investigation, which would be released in about three weeks.

On 10 August, around 8 pm, Ilie Gasea was gassed by the Diaspora protest, gave her blood on her nose and needed medical care from the SMURD firefighters.

Four days later he arrived at the hospital with bleeding vomiting and haemematosis, as doctors said.

On 19 August he entered the cardiovascular arrest and did not respond to the CPR maneuvers.

The prefect of the capital was heard by the prosecutors

In the military prosecutor's office in Bucharest, there were 291 complaints from the persons who were in the intervention and who had been heard to date 127.

Military prosecutors opened a criminal case in which the prosecution for committing violations of abuse, misuse of services and negligence in service, in connection with the intervention of the gendarmes, began.

Today Speranţa Cliseru, the prefect of Bucharest, who countered the gendarmerie intervention order, was summoned to question. On Monday, August 20, Colonel Ionuţ Cătălin Şindile, the head of the Gendarmerie, came to the prosecutors.

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