PSD leaders have exhibited luxury flowers during the wedding of the son of Liviu Dragnea – Essential

Most PSD leaders arrived Sunday evening at the wedding of Liviu Dragnea's son, who controlled beautiful cars, while some chose to come by taxi. A group of protesters asked the guests to pass it on to their grandparents, according to Mediafax.

Groom and groom Valentin Stephen Dragnea and Gina Alexandra Tătulescu arrived on Sunday after a short time after 18:00 at the Snagov Palace in a black SUV accompanied by a motorcycle and after a few minutes, PSD chairman, Liviu Dragnea, with the usual car that he controls a new generation of Volkswagen Passat.

Most marriages, mostly social-democratic leaders, came in white, black and red SUVs like Jeep Grand Cherokee, Land Rover Discovery, Porsche, Volkswagen Touareg and other luxury cars such as Lexus, Mercedes S350 or the BMW 7 series. Some guests, some of whom were not good, preferred to come by taxi. Among them were PSD deputy Nicolae Bacalbasa.

On the road that goes through the Snagov forest to the palace, a group of demonstrators in white letters on the asphalt wrote the message "M … PSD". They accompanied the brides and all PSD guests with messages like "MUI3 PSD", "Penalty Wedding", "House with bars for father-in-law", showed a license plate with the numbers "M..EPSD" and a yellow cardboard palm with the message "Everyone for Justice", identical to that used by USR to protest in parliament. The protesters criticized the Social Democrats "Thieves", "Punishments" and "Prisoners".

At a crossroads in the forest, less than a kilometer from the palace, a private security firm organized a "filter" of 8-10 agents. These, very vigilant, only gave access to cars that had their registration numbers on a list drawn up by the organizers.

If some PSD leaders have driven their cars alone, Claudiu Manda, other Social Democrats, for example the president of CJ Vrancea, Marian Oprisan, has also chosen their driver and the SRI parliamentary committee chaired the control of the SRI activity remained in the back seat with spouses or life partners.

Most cars came from the south of the country, from the provinces of Teleorman, Gorj, Olt, Dolj, Arges, Valcea, Mehedinţi, Neamţ, Vrancea and Bucharest.

Among the participants in the marriage of the son of Liviu Dragnea were Premier Viorica Dăncilă, Senate President Călin Popescu Tăriceanu, mayor of Sector 6, Gabriel Mutu, mayor of Sector 1, Dan Tudorache, mayor of Sector 5, Daniel Florea, Sector Mayor Robert Negoita , Mayor of sector 4, Daniel Băluţă, MEPs Ioan Mircea Paşcu and Victor Boştinaru, president of the Court of Cassation of Giurgiu, Marian Mina and Vrancea president Marian Oprisan, as well as the secretary of state of the Ministry of National Defense, Nicolae Nasta.

Also at the party came the PSD leaders of Dâmboviţa (Adrian Ţuţuianu), Gorj (Florin Cârciumaru), Alba (Ioan Dârzu), Constanţa (Felix Stroe), former minister of justice, Florin Iordache, former Diaspora deputy Angel Tilvăr Premier Sorin Grindeanu , former UNPR president Valeriu Steriu or former PSD MPs Vlad Cosma and Cătălina Ştefănescu, as well as numerous current legislators such as Catalin Marian Radulescu and senator Niculae Bădălău.

The social-democratic access to the wedding was based on the "soundtrack" of a hip-hop song of which the chorus contains the message "MS .. PSD". The song was broadcast from a car parked by protests near the "filter" organized by the private security firm.

One of the demonstrators, who recommended the name "Ceausescu", wore a job with a white plush rat, an electronic plaque on the neck with the luminous message "Penali", a pair of handcuffs, a portavoce and a T-shirt "No punishment in public functions "message. Two demonstrators blocked the access road to the Snagov Palace by car for about 15-20 seconds and shouted anti-PSD messages, in combination with horns, to the car column that had formed behind them.

For nearly two hours, protesters spoke to the PSD that came to the wedding with many trivial calls and obscene words, and the security guards who formed the barrier to the transition said they should be ashamed of defending "PSD punishment".

The anti-PSD manifestations formed a tight human cordon through which the PSDs cracked hard with the cars, welcomed the weddings with their palms over the windshield and the side windows, threw them on the car, put banners on the doors, they spoke obscene words, hit rear-view mirrors and two surveillance interventions were needed to make room for cars to continue on the road without breaking anyone. The protesters called a few guests: "Get sick of the swine fever, the punishments!", "This is the marriage of criminals, thieves and madmen", and invited them to the wedding ceremony " ".

Some PSD leaders have been smiling with cars, others have given it, while some Social Democrats have been afraid of the demonstrators. Especially the ladies who were invited to the wedding got their hands in the eyes and seemed alarmed by the protest in the forest. Only one wedding guest stopped the car and told the protesters that she would call the police if she continued her demonstration.

One of the last dignitaries to attend the wedding of Liviu Dragnea & # 39; s son was Interior Minister Carmen Dan. Shortly after his appearance around 21.15 the demonstrators left the scene, not before they made a selfie with guards.

Liviu Dragnea & # 39; s son, Stefan Valentin Dragnea, had the civil ceremony with Gina Alexandra Tătulescu on Sunday morning, the ceremony was officially created by Gabriela Firea, the mayor general of the capital and the vice-president of the party led by Liviu Dragnea.

Liviu Dragnea's son, Stefan Valentin Dragnea, had a civil wedding on Sunday morning with Gina Alexandra Tătulescu, daughter of a priest. The event took place at the head office of the Capital City Hall.

The civil ceremony was attended by about 20 people, including Liviu Dragnea and his girlfriend, Irina Tanase.

The ceremony was led by the mayor general of Bucharest, Gabriela Firea, who is also deputy chairman of the party led by Liviu Dragnea, PSD.

After the announced protests, the religious ceremony of Liviu Dragnea & # 39; s son was not held on Sunday in the Church of the Holy Elephant in the capital, as it was founded, but elsewhere the new place was not made public. According to some social-democratic sources, the religious ceremony would take place on Sunday in the Snagov Palace.

The son of the PSD president chose to organize his wedding in a picturesque setting on the shore of Lake Snagov, 40 km from Bucharest, near the Snagov monastery. Wedding guests will have numerous event halls, a generous meadow, pleasure boats, a pontoon and a luxury hotel.

Alena Valentin Ştefan Dragnea, Gina Alexandra Tătulescu, is a daughter of a priest, told PSD sources to MEDIAFAX, and the wedding brides Doina and Sorin Paul Stănescu are old friends with PSD leader Liviu Dragnea. Sorin Paul Stanescu is a businessman and has known the PSD chief for more than twenty years, according to the sources cited.

"Snagov Palace is a Baroque-style palace with Brancoven architecture, the offices are sober but luxurious, the cherry-wood tables lie between the walls of the silk wallpaper and under the crystal chandeliers the bedrooms are arranged according to the bourgeois statues", shows the palace presentation.

The complex built for Prince Nicholas of Romania was occupied by Marshal Ion Antonescu and Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej, after which Nicolae Ceausescu used it as a residence for political gatherings.

At the wedding of Valentin Ştefan Dragnea, all members of the government, ministers, secretaries of state and state secretaries, numerous directors and officials of ministries, as well as directors of deconcentrated bodies and institutions under the subordination or coordination of ministries, told PSD sources MEDIAFAX.

Senators and MPs from the PSD and ALDE also received invitations to the wedding of Dragnea jr, as well as most of the major local elected representatives of the PSD, such as mayors, chairmen of district councils, city councilors and provincial councilors.

According to the sources, an "important delegation" of weddings would be expected from Teleorman, the birthplace of Liviu Dragnea's great-grandmother, but also the home of Interior Minister Carmen Dan and Premier Viorica Dăncilă.

Among the participants at the wedding will be numerous leaders of institutions such as the President of the Court, Mihai Busuioc. In addition to officials, businessmen and personalities from the field of culture and sports were invited to the wedding, sources of the PSD for MEDIAFAX said.

On 25 September 2016, the PSDs also visited Snagov Palace at the baptism of the deputy secretary general of the PSD, Codrin Ştefănescu.

On 4 July 2015, the PSD also spent the wedding in the wedding room of the former PSD chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea.

The daughter of the former president Traian Băsescu, Elena Băsescu, also organized her wedding in September 2012, also at the Snagov Palace. The former Minister of Economy, Codruţ Sereş, also married in 2006 in the Snagov Palace.

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