Razvan Rentea was sentenced to life imprisonment

Razvan Rentea will spend the rest of his days after the bars, according to the sentence expressed by the Satu Mare Court yesterday. He was found guilty last autumn in Apache's three-country base.

Razvan Rentea was arrested immediately after his parents' funeral, after the evidence provided by the investigators showed that he was the main suspect in the triple murder case. The murderous crime took place on the evening of November 23, 2017.

The investigation shows that the killer first killed his grandmother, Viorica Apan, 80 years old. Then he killed his father, Gheorghe Rentea (59), in the courtyard of the house. Knowing that his mother, Niculina Rentea, had to come to work with the minibus, he got into the car and waited for her. She took her mother home and while the woman wanted to go home, her son hit her on the back and killed her.

To make an alibi, the killer came to Satu Mare.

It seems that everything would have started from a quarrel. With great debt, Răzvan Rentea tried to sell an apartment in Satu Mare, bought by his father. But the parents learned from this and they did not agree.

According to the profile of defendant Răzvan Rentea and the evidence submitted in the file – statements from witnesses, he portrays him as a person responsible for the money gain, for lack of honest work, a person who likes to overcome, disinterested in a job in willing to even use serious crimes to make money. In fact, he was asked to leave the job twice, because he was surprised that he had misunderstood money.

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