Revelation of the pigs in Gropeni and Tichileşti

• At the end of last week an outbreak of African swine fever was officially confirmed at Rombic SRL SRL Tichileşti, which contains 35,000 head of cattle, but also at the Tebu Consulting farm in Gropeni, where there are about 140,000 specimens • according to procedures in the case of confirmed outbreaks all pigs in the herd are preventively killed • the damage for the two farms is tens of millions of euros • the veterinary authorities nonetheless give the assurance that the state will provide compensation • although efforts have been made to prevent the spread of to stop the virus, preventive euthanasia of more than 29,000 pigs in households, the disease entered the two farms via the Danube

The African swine fever virus was confirmed on Thursday, August 23, in the pig farm of "Romsoci" SRL from Tichileşti, where 35,000 people were working, and Saturday morning after the results of several samples sent to Bucharest for analysis, officially knew that the dreaded virus also appeared in the pig farms from "Tebu Consulting" SRL Gropeni, where there are about 140,000 specimens, the second pig farm in Europe, as the size and concentration of herd. He had not yet been confirmed Friday afternoon, 100% of the outbreak of African swine fever at the Gropeni farm, but the veterinary authorities were expecting the worst. "The sample taken from this farm and analyzed in the accredited laboratory of the Brăila veterinary sanitary department came out positively, but in order to confirm the outbreak we must wait for the results of the analysis by the reference laboratory in Bucharest. To say that all the positive samples from the laboratory in Braila have been confirmed in Bucharest so far, but in this case we have to wait for the result, 100% certain that we have an outbreak of an African pest and in the buildings of Tebu de la Gropeni, the result is Friday evening, not later than Saturday morning ", said Friday afternoon at a press conference organized in the Braila prefecture, Gicu Dragan, Director of the Veterinary Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety department of Braila.

Dragan director and prefect of Brăila, George Paladi, announced that since July, when the first African swine fever occurred, in a household of the large island of Brăila, 34 outbreaks were confirmed in the province of Braila, distributed in 19 locations in the IMB and on the terrace side of the province, near the Danube, such as the villages Stăncuţa, Berteştii de Jos, Victoria, Viziru, Tichileşti, Gropeni. An outbreak has been confirmed in Braila, as our newspaper has informed you. In order to stop the spread of the virus for which no treatment or vaccine exists, the only solution was the euthanasia of all pigs in the places where the outbreaks were confirmed and from the sites within a radius of 10 kilometers around them in the so-called safety . Only in Braila is this method not applied in view of the too large area of ​​the site. Here, only pigs showing signs of disease will be euthanised because breeders comply with the law and inform the veterinary authorities of the occurrence of these symptoms.

In total, they were euthanised until Friday in the province where more than 29,000 pigs were exposed in households. Among them were two larger companies, one located in the municipality of Mihai Bravu, namely the Individual Enterprise One Larisa, with a staff of 504 heads, and one in the municipality of Victoria, "Prichindesa" SRL, with a staff of 1,451 employees. of copies. The veterinary authorities have hoped that by all this euthanasia they will be able to protect pig farms in Tichileşti and Gropeni, but in the end the virus has managed to get in, with all the drastic safety measures that have been applied, including by the business managers. Director Gicu Dragan was convinced that the disease had ended up in these economic units via the Donauwater used for livestock farming. "We did everything we could to protect farms on the land, but eventually the virus came into the water, the fault belongs to the unconscious that has infused pigs in the Danube, these unconscious citizens, otherwise I can not tell them, have the blame for what is happening on these farms now ", he said Dragan. The DSVSA director said that a pig carcass was most recently fished in the Lipoveneşti area on Thursday 23 August by firemen who participated in the search for two teenagers who had drowned in the river.

Both DSVSA director and prefect Paladi once again appealed to Braila to stop throwing pig carcasses in the Danube, and to those who see such lions float on the water surface to notify the authorities immediately on emergency number 112.

With regard to the damage caused by the preventive euthanasia of the 35,000 pigs from "Romsoci" SRL Tichileşti and 140,000 from the brewery "Grebrada Tebu Consulting", the Braila officials estimate that they will amount to tens of millions of euros. "We can not say exactly what the damage is, since there are specimens in different stages of growth, breeding pigs, pregnant sows, etc. The exact value is determined by the on-site compensation committee.However, I want to reassure you that the farms will be compensated and that the information that no damage will be done is just an unfounded rumor "said the director Gicu Dragan. According to him, once the euthanasia has been completed and the disinfection is completed, it will take about 75 days before the halls of the companies concerned can be populated again.

Some of the euthanized pigs in the farms will be burned, the rest will be buried.

At Romsoci, euthanasia began on Friday, August 24, and after the official confirmation of the presence of the virus and "Tebu Consalting" it was determined that euthanasia would begin on Monday, August 27th. On each farm there is a team of three veterinarians, assisted by the employees of the companies involved.

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