Rice, the boy who was beaten by the police in the IOR park yesterday, was received last year by the Queen of Sweden! | News, internal news, last hour

The two children grew without utilities, education or access to the health system in a total wilderness. In total there were 16 people, including 11 people.

"The social home project was born in the summer of 2016 when one of the children in the Văcăreşti Delta asked us to teach him how to write and read." A year later, with the help of several volunteers and humanitarian organizations, children in the Delta knew the letters and numbers, they participated in a doctor and at school and lived in a hometown, "wrote two journalists from the journalist's house. They were dealing with this case.

That is how they came to the attention of activist Valeriu Nicolae, he announced digi24.ro. "Rice and Vali are two good children who had the misfortune of being born into a poor family, Rice was with me in Sweden, and what happened yesterday is disgusting.

I hope that there is a sense of shame somewhere in the mayor's office of Mr Negoita and we have fast sanctions. He can take the case and some television, otherwise I doubt that we have a reaction, "wrote Valeriu Nicolae, after he heard that the two brothers had been defeated.

"Apart from my outrage that he did not gas, like in a civilized state …"

With help from Valeriu Nicolae, Rică came to Regina Silvia in Sweden.

"It happens that I know Rice, one of the children hit by the militant – after he had connected him with handcuffs before – because he was fishing in the lake of the IOR park.

Apart from my outrage that she did not give a spirit, as it is in a civilized state, I tell you she did well: the child is a spoiled lot, never got new shoes (to deceive him) or new clothes. , scratch him). A revival that until recently a hipster-eco / bio / natural burned, living in the Văcăreşti-delta (without running water, heat or electricity).

A beige that kicks every time it comes home, not in the door, because it does not exist, but in the syringes of the Ferentari ghetto. And who stubbornly uses the money from the state for school. One child Valeriu Nicholas took with him to Sweden to receive direct congratulations from the Queen for survival worthy in an environment that would deceive every adult, "she wrote.

"Creed Queen of Sweden will summon the mayor and the militia to decorate them," the doctor added.

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