Rules change in ITP! Machines that are not left to CIRCULAR

The periodic technical inspection will be carried out according to new rules, more drastic, as some voices say, since these cars are no longer entitled to circulate, although so far these defects have been overlooked.

Therefore, cars that go to the periodic technical inspection with the cracked windshield will no longer receive the right to travel. Even if the windshield cracks do not affect the visibility of the driver, inspectors must reject these cars.

Also, only 2 out of 10 cars were rejected before installing surveillance cameras in ITP stations. Now, however, the number of people who do not reach ITP has doubled.

Individuals with cars aged 12 and older must also undergo annual ITP from 1 January. Cars less than 12 years old must pass ITP every two years and new cars must be checked every three years.

As for the drivers who travel with the expired ITP, they will remain without the registration certificate and will be fined, the amount of the penalty is between 1.305 and 2.900 lei.

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