Serious incident in a maternity clinic in Prahova. An elevator …

The management of the Obstetrics and Gynecology hospital claims that it has reported itself on the incident, on the grounds that the maintenance company did not announce the event.

"It was an incident in the course of the morning, an escort lift did not stop on every floor, there were no major incidents and no life-threatening situations for the people in the elevator.The patients to be transported by the lift panicked, but there were No injuries, doctors attending the salons did not report any major problems We were personally accused because the maintenance company had not told us that there was an undesirable incident To know exactly what happened, I sent a notification to the maintenance company and we went talking to the person who escorted the elevator to find out what was happening We do not know at the moment exactly how many people were in the elevator, "said Dr. Călin Boeru, the maternity clinic representative, according to

According to the staff of the medical department that heard the event, it seemed that more patients were in the elevator at the time of the incident.

The management of Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital has announced that an internal investigation has started to determine exactly how the incident happened.

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