She is psychologically ready to become a grandfather

Hundreds of politicians were invited to the wedding of Valentin, son of Liviu Dragnea, on Sunday.

All members of the government were invited, from ministers, state secretaries and state secretaries, to numerous directors and officials of the ministry, as well as directors of de-concentrated agencies and institutions under the subordination or coordination of ministries, sources of the PSD Mediafax.

The senators and deputies of PSD and ALDE have also received invitations to Dragnea jr. Wedding, as well as most elected local PSDs, such as mayors, chairmen of district councils, city councilors and provincial councilors.

According to the cited sources, it is expected that an important "marriage delegation" will come from Teleorman, the birthplace of the great grandfather Liviu Dragnea, but also the home of Interior Minister Carmen Dan and Premier Viorica Dancila.

Among the participants at the wedding will be many institute leaders, such as the president of the court, Mihai Busuioc. In addition to officials, businessmen and personalities from the field of culture and sport were invited to the wedding.

Protest announced at Dragnea Jr. & # 39; s Wedding Chief or PSD: There wishes to Iohannis tara

Deputy Mitraliera canceled her vacation to attend the wedding

And it seems that the majority wants and participates, some even announce that they have canceled their holiday to attend the event. Such a move was taken by PSD deputy Catalin Radulescu, known as "the Mitraliera deputy," and the one who threatened the demonstrators who blamed the gendarmerie's violence as "striking his head".

"I have changed the date of the holiday to be with him at these times, when his only son, who has a girl, marries and certainly will be present with great dear sir the president has made the invitations, but I do not know who he did, I think he first called friends, people close to the party and his old comrades.

Of course he invited people from the party who thought the dance would be with them at this event. Do not imagine that he has mentioned all the famous flower of the entire PSD, did not call, as was mentioned in the press, that all the big ministers, all mayors, all presidents of the provincial councils are far away. Those who are invited believe that everyone will come, "said Radulescu.

He also said that he did not know "how much the gift will be": "Everybody will give as much as he thinks, I have not made a calculation, I will see it, it will be like every marriage concern for the new family that begins life" .

Codrin Stefanescu: Liviu Dragnea is psychologically ready to be a grandfather

On the other hand, PSD Deputy Secretary General, Codrin Stefanescu, said that the wedding will be "no gift".

"I do not take care of the organization, I come as a guest, but probably take part (and ALDE-nr leaders)." Many people were invited by the PSD party leadership, nobody comes with the gift, the man comes with a gift. so I have Alice next to me. You can not ask a man as things, women take care of gifts, "Stefanescu replied to the questions of Mediafax reporters.

Earlier, at Antena3, Codrin Stefanescu says that the gift is for "him or her who will be born" and that Dragnea is ready to be a grandparent.

"I have prepared a small gift for him or her to be born." They are strictly Romanian, traditional. "Liviu Dragnea is psychologically ready to be a grandfather, but I do not know if she is pregnant, it is not a wedding, I promise the son-in-law that we will not do politics, but we will have fun, we will dance and drink," said the PSD leader.

Dragnea Jr. marries a daughter of a priest. The head of the PSD has been doing business for more than 20 years

The son of the PSD president chose to organize his wedding in a picturesque setting on the shore of Lake Snagov, 40 km from Bucharest, near the Snagov monastery. The religious ceremony takes place in Bucharest, opposite the Opera, in the church of St. Elefterie. At Snagov guests will have numerous events at the wedding, a generous lawn, pleasure boats, a pontoon and a luxury hotel.

Alena Valentin Stefan Dragnea, Gina Alexandra Tatulescu, is the daughter of the priest, and the wedding brides Doina and Sorin Paul Stanescu are old friends with PSD leader Liviu Dragnea. Sorin Paul Stanescu is a businessman and has known the PSD boss for more than twenty years, according to the sources cited.

On September 25, 2016, the PSD s & # 39; s sniffed at the Snagov Palace at the baptism of the deputy secretary general of the PSD, Codrin Stefanescu.

On 4 July 2015, the PSD residents also spent the wedding in the wedding room of the former PSD chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea.

The daughter of former president Traian Basescu, Elena Basescu, also organized her wedding in September 2012, also at the Snagov Palace. Former Minister of Economic Affairs Codrut Seres also married in 2006 in Snagov Palace.

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