Simona Gherghe will have a co-chairman at "Direct access". Details about the new presenter

Changes to "Direct access" starting with the new season. Simona Gherghe will have a co-presenter and the announcement is made by Antena 1 TV presenter herself. The star has yet to reveal who the new show partner is, but has only given a few clues. Curiosity of the audience is very big.

"Direct access" comes back on television from 27 August and the new season announces changes. If Simona Gherghe has only presented the show so far, he will now have a presentation partner. The TV presenter gave a few details about the new presence on the show as a very pleasant audience. It remains to be seen who will join Simone Gherghe in the show she has been showing for so many years.

"Friends, I have good news! In a couple of days we will see you again with new powers.As of this season, with me, there will be someone else.An important person, you do not say who 🙂 I wanted a presentation partner and here I share this news with you now, you'll find out his name in the coming days, I just give you an idea: it's someone you know as well as me, and I'm convinced that the new formula will surprise you and you will be surprised. 🙂 I am waiting for you to start! We will come back with details, so stay with us! ", wrote Simona Gherghe on one of the social networks.

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